Self-service and starting with free

Starting with free and low cost tiers. Users will be able to fire up an instance of the platform and start developing health apps on a fully standard and open platform.

The CDR will store structured and unstructured data. Planned releases include open standards for clinical workflows and decision support rules.

Operon Cloud Hosted Open Health Platform 1.


Small image 3Operon will soon be launching a platform-based service, which will allow developers to build health apps easily on a standard clinical data repository (CDR) and vendor-neutral archive (VNA) for unstructured data. The first release will be suited to mobile apps and lightweight applications.

Our  cloud-hosted implementation is based on the openEHR and IHE-XDS standards and uses an implementation already proven at scale . Our platform  provides access to a library of openEHR archetypes, the building blocks of EHR systems, and a powerful set of functions accessible via an easy to use REST API supporting H7L FHIR.  This allows interoperable applications to be built 10-100 times faster than by traditional methods of development.  Operon is committed to working with INTEROPen to support connectivity with existing UK health and social care systems.


Operon Cloud Hosted Open Health Platform 2.


Small image 1Operon’s PaaS will provide tools and application programming interfaces (APIs) to make it easy for developers to build apps that will run on our platform or another similar open platform.  Operon’s PaaS will also provide a growing range of services providing the infrastructure to allow developers to concentrate on their core application functionality. The intention is that the platform will take care of issues that include terminology, security,  information governance, and the interoperability with many of the common core systems used in health and social care organisations.

The Operon Platform is dual hosted  both within the N3 Cloud (The NHS Network – to make it easier for developers to meet NHS IG requirements) and in Public Cloud on the Internet (for those apps where N3 hosting is not necessary) and can support Internet facing services either through the secure gateway from N3 or via Public Cloud. This gives maximum flexibility to reach all potential users in the NHS, other health and care organisations, patients service users and citizens.

Basic access to the Operon Platform is free. This provides for one developer login, and offers sufficient platform resources (storage, bandwidth, API calls)  to support a small application with a modest number of users.

For those who need more than is offered by the free tier Operon will offer a flexible set of tariffs including pay-as-you go and a range of fixed-price subscriptions for individual developers, teams or organisations.

Support for free accounts is provided by our community forums where you can expect to receive support from other users and members of the Operon Team. A range of priority support packages are available offering email and telephone support and extended hours services for those running mission critical applications.