About Our Team

Our team is at the heart of a rapidly expanding Open Health Platform enterprise.

Ewan Davis

Chief Executive Officer

In Digital Health since 1981, Ewan founded GP system supplier AAH Meditel where he was Managing Director / Exec Chairman from 1986 to 1999. He has chaired both the BCS Primary Healthcare Group and TechUK Healthcare Group. He co-founded HANDI Health in 2012, still blogs regularly, and writes at digitalhealth.net. Public and private sector consulting clients include BT Global Health Practice, McKesson, DH & NHSE.

Jay Kola

Jay Kola

Chief Technology Officer

Jay Kola is a medical informatician with a unique set of skills spanning medicine, healthcare standards, knowledge representation and software development. He is a fully qualified doctor and holds a Masters in Bioinformatics.

He is an expert in medical terminologies and knowledge representation with experience of working with National EHR (and eHealth) initiatives in Sweden, Singapore and the UK.

Ian McNicoll

Chief Clinical Information Officer

In health informatics for 30 years, Ian is a former Scottish GP. Having been a Clinical Safety Tester for GP2GP / SCR, he is now a director of freshEHR Clinical Informatics and co-chairs the openEHR Foundation. Consulting clients include Moscow City Council, governments of Norway and Sweden, CGI, Lockheed Martin, PRSB, NHSE, NHS Digital, NHS Scotland, Marand, Ocean Informatics, DIPS and NHS/Leeds City Council Ripple OSI project.

Hildegard Franke

Chief Operations Officer

Hildegard has over 30 years in informatics and health records and worked with INPS for 25 years, with skills in training and help desk management. She specialises in design and delivery of training and consultancy, customer technical support, management of product life cycles, clinical modelling and terminology integration, such as Readv2, SNOMED CT and dm+d. She is a director of freshEHR Clinical Informatics.

Roland Appel

Chief Data Protection Officer

A fellow of the Institute of Physics, Roland holds a PhD in systems engineering, having worked on open standards and architecture. After 16 years in defence with roles in technology development, management and commercial bidding, he worked across security, engineering and healthcare. His business and product development work included a successful Innovate UK SBRI funded mobile health / point of care programme.

Timely Support

Operon is creating a comprehensive knowledge base, establishing a support forum and installing a personal ticketing system for rapid turnaround of help requests.

Innovative Ideas

We’re doing the hard stuff, so you can get on and make your ideas work. We’re applying innovative ideas so you can create health apps that connect and grow easily.

Advanced Technology

Operon is using the latest cloud technology: insulated user domains, secure communications, robust provisioning and advanced API management.

Open Communication

We’re part of the evolving conversation on using open standards. Every service on the Operon platform is built to ensure that data won’t ever be ‘locked in’.

Better Tools for Better Care

Operon is supporting Synapta

For patients, care professionals and developers; Synapta (a Community Interest Company) is putting together a set of open standards and technology for digital workflow, pathways and decision support across all care settings, using Artificial Intelligence and Business Process Management.

Everyone is welcome to join the Synapta community.